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Detailed Biography & Fact Files of Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke Biography / Fact Files
Brooke Burke
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Date of Birth: September 8th, 1971
Ancestral Origin: Of French, Irish and Portuguese descent
Famous for: Host of E!'s Wild On...

The middle child of 7 siblings (with 3 older sisters and 3 younger brothers), Brooke wanted to pursue an atypical career -- but never dreamt of becoming an entertainment media figure. The aspiring rock band drummer got her start in entertainment after she was noticed for her stunning good looks.

She was accompanying a friend to a modeling agency, when she was the one who was immediately noticed by a talent scout. The former beauty pageant winner decided to pursue a modeling career. Her beauty pageant experience led her to become a print model by the age of 18, in everything from magazine covers and billboards to swimsuit calendars. Brooke garnered an acting scholarship and headed to Los Angeles where she would spend most of her time as a broadcast journalism student at UCLA (she was now interested in communications). But her studies were not her full-time job, as Brooke also spent her free time behind the camera as a model.

After the encouragement of a friend of hers, Brooke went for a casual meeting and interview with E!, which led to a trial show in Spain. E! was looking for a spontaneous, personable and down to earth person, and since Brooke fit the bill perfectly, she was signed to a three-year contract with the network as host of the travel show, Wild On.
While at her Los Angeles home (where she spends a maximum of 15 days per month), the jetsetter stays fit by practising yoga, kickboxing, scuba diving, taking long walks, and relaxes by cooking and reading. From traveling around the world as a model to seeing the world as the host of Wild On, Brooke recognizes how important family is and her charitable nature is what drives her to volunteer for non-profit organizations such as Athletes & Entertainers for Kids and the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

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